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AMG DataBase Systems Covens in California
Pagan Contact: Group 9
Pagan Paths: California
SoCalPaganevents Yahoo! Group
Victor Valley Pagans
Weaving the Web: Pagan Contacts: California
Witches of the World - Covens & Groups in California

Pagan Organizations/Groups in General
Antelope Valley Pagans, Palmdale
and Antelope Valley Pagans, Palmdale
Caer Glas, Ventura
California College Pagans Yahoo! Group
Calpagan Yahoo! Group
Circle of Aradia, Eagle Rock
Eclectic Ways Yahoo! Group
Green Hedge Circle Yahoo! Group, Long Beach
Isis Ancient Cultures & Religion Society
and IACRS_Venice Yahoo! Group - Public Calendar / Schedule for IACRS events.
LA Pagan Mailing List
LA-Pagan Yahoo! Group
Light of Aradia, Westminster
LongBeachPagans Yahoo! Group
Orange-LACountyPagans Yahoo! Group - Where Southern California pagans discuss spirituality and find out about classes, events, and places to shop throughout Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties.
Pacific Circle
Pagan Connections California Yahoo! Group
Pagan Network for the Inland Empire
Pagan Paths Coffee Night Yahoo! Group, Ventura
Pagans of Ojai
Santa Clarita Valley Pagans
Santa Clarita Valley Pagan Network
Santa Clarita Valley Pagan Network Yahoo! Group
So Cal Pagan Moms
The Seekers and The Path, Downey
USC Students of Ancient Religions (SOAR), Downtown
WestLAPagans Yahoo! Group
Westwicke Center, The

CUUPS/Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans
Unitarian Universalist Church

CUUPS Chapters - directory

Ace of CUUPS (Association of Conejo Earth-Oriented Faiths), Thousand Oaks
CUUPS at Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church, Costa Mesa
CUUPS Ventura - The Fools on the Hill

Druids/Celtic Groups/Organizations
Ancient Celtic Church, The, Tujunga
Henge of Keltria, Long Beach
Raven's Cry Grove, ADF, Burbank
The Druidic Craft of the Wise - Lance and Grail, Tustin

Wiccan/Covens/Witches/Witchcraft/The Craft
Women in General
Ancient Order of Spitzlod and Damonias, Villa Park
Circle of Akasha, Orange
Clan of the Laughing Dragon, Burbank
Coven of the Evergreen Rowan Tree, Riverside
Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie (COMMA), Pasadena
Coven of the Triple Aspect, Santa Clarita
Coven StarWisdom, Costa Mesa
Covenant of the Goddess Southern California Local Chapter
DaeyaLuna Circle
Dragon's Weyr Circle, Quartz Hills
Earthdance Collective, Redondo Beach
Ecclasian Fellowship, The, San Bernardino
Forest House Coven, Simi Valley
Goddess' Circle of Healing, Studio City
Golden Pentacle Yahoo! Group, Sylmar
Inner Circle of the High Desert, Victorville
Lyceum of the Wayfarer, Tustin - training in eclectic faery Wicca. We belong to the international Fellowship of Isis.
Military Wiccans, Twentynine Palms
OC_Wiccans Yahoo! Group
OC_witches Yahoo! Group
Orange County Witches
Pagan Shadows Coven, Agoura
ReWeaving, Granada Hills
SoCA_Witches Yahoo! Group
South County Witches Network Yahoo! Group, Thousand Oaks
Southern California SOA (Sisters of Avalon)
Southern California Wiccans Yahoo! Group
Spirits of Avalon, San Bernardino
Temple Crossroads
Temple of the Sacred Cat, Thousand Oaks
The Lady's Cauldron
Touchstone Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess, Riverside
WARD California
Wayward Witches
Wiccan Friends, Buena Park
Wiccan Order of Bast of the Inland Impire, Guasti
Wiccans of California Yahoo! Group
Witches by the Sea, Ventura
Witches With Whips

Inland Empire Pagan Pride Day and Autumn Harvest Faire, Hemet, September
Pagan Pride Day, Palmdale, September
Pagan Pride Los Angeles, September
Ventura County Pagan Pride Day, September
and Ventura County Pagan Pride Day Yahoo! Group

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