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Antelope Valley
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Fernando Valley
San Gabriel Valley
South Bay
Ventura County

Antelope Valley
Agua Dulce
Multiple Locations

Agua Dulce
Alderman, Robert E., Jr. (Loving Trust Estate Planning) - wills, trusts

Kuzyk Law - personal injury
Reed, Brian E. - personal injury, malpractice, employment
Thompson, Mark E. - estate planning, trusts, probate, wills
Van Arsdale, Leah C. - workers compensation

Charlton Weeks - estate planning, wills, trusts, business, real estate

Arroyo Verdugo Area
La Canada
Multiple Locations
San Marino
South Pasadena

Alexander & Associates - immigration, bilingual Spanish
Atlas Services, also Northridge - immigration
Babachanian, Sarkis Jacob
Balian, Harout - immigration
Beire, James G., also Cerritos - immigration
Blane, Lyle L. - employment, personal injury, workers compensation
Bright & Brown - energy, real estate, oil and gas, environmental
Carlson Law Office (California Tenant Law)
Chorbajian, Vatche - full service
Crabtree, Arthur G., also Santa Clarita - family
DiJulio Law Group - real estate, construction, elder abuse
Eskin, Sheldon J. - criminal
Flanagan, Unger & Grover
Fuentes & McNally
Gill and Baldwin - construction, business, real estate, estate planning, probate
Gurfinkel, Michael J. - immigration
Hallaby, Noelle M. - family
Helphand & Rich - personal injury, criminal, Immigration, family
Holmes & Holmes - full service
Jehdian, Michael V. - personal injury, family
Kanimian, Joseph H. - personal injury, workers compensation, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant
Knapp, Petersen & Clarke - full service
MacCarley & Rosen - full service
Martin, Robert B. - estate planning, wills, trusts
McHugh, Joseph - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Miller, James F. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, employment, elder, real estate, business
Mosesi, Henrik - bankruptcy, personal injury, family, criminal
and Mosesi, Henrik - bankruptcy, personal injury, family, criminal
Nameth, Frederick James - personal injury, workers compensation, legal malpractice, criminal defense
Nardoni, Daniel A. - criminal defense
and Nardoni, Daniel A. - criminal defense
Ourfalian & Ourfalian - litigation
Passman, Erica L. - immigration, criminal, DUI, personal injury
Perez Gonzalez - immigration, business
Rosenstein & Associates - personal injury, construction defects, community associations, business
Sayas Jr., C. Joe - personal injury
Shashaty, Michel - immigration, estate planning, personal injury, business, family
Styskal, Wiese & Melchione - credit unions
Tanner, Gina L., also Beverly Hills - family
Taylor & Associates, Norman - lemon law
Tennenhouse, Minassian & Adham, also Pasadena - workers compensation
Tilem, David A. - bankruptcy
Tomsic, Gerald A. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Toscano, Oscar E.
Wax & Wax - workers compensation
Yousefian, Robert - in Farsi

La Canada
Hernandez, Don A. - intellectual property, business litigation, healthcare

Alkana, Eugene - personal injury, estate planning, criminal, real estate, equestrian
Atherton, Dale - criminal defense
Avedissian, Lucy - immigration
Ball, Stephen C. - personal injury, medical malpractice
Baronian Law Firm - personal injury, product liability, malpractice
Benjamin, Malathi - immigration
Bernall, J. Arthur - family, bankruptcy, personal injury
Bezaire, Stephen P. and Associates - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Binder & Associates - personal injury
Bisno & Samberg - personal injury, bankruptcy, business
Bowles, Timothy - employment, health care fraud, civil litigation
Burton, John - personal injury, civil rights
Chan, Franky C. - immigration, business
Christie Parker & Hale, also Newport Beach - intellectual property
Coleman, Rosemary - family
Cullen & Associates - employment, personal injury, real estate, elder
Dourian, Robert - personal injury, employment
Dunn Koes - appellate
Ernster Law Offices - business
Evans, William - employment
Fountain & Hattersley
Franscell, Strickland, Roberts & Lawrence, also Orange - litigation, appellate
Garrett & Tully, also Westlake Village - appellate, banking, employment, intellectual property, insurance, real estate
Golden, Stephen R. - business, real estate, insurance
Goldsby, Matthew W. - bankruptcy, probate, trusts, estate planning
Gutierrez, Preciado & House - employment
Hahn & Hahn - business, litigation, estate planning
Hallstrom, Richard H. - business, estate planning, wills, trusts, personal injury, civil litigation
Hamilton & Cumare - employment
Hanlon & Greene - immigration, civil litigation, estates, wills, trusts
and Hanlon & Greene - immigration, civil litigation, estates, wills, trusts
Heckmann, Brian D. - landlord/tenant, personal injury
and Heckmann, Brian D. - landlord/tenant, personal injury
Hosp, Gilbert, Bergsten & Phillips - product liability, employment, business litigation
House, Calvin - appellate
Hunt Ortmann Blasco Palffy & Rossell - construction, business litigation
Hutton & Wilson, also Century City - DUI
Jones & Matson - school, college districts
Joseph, Pius, personal injury
Kupfer Law & Mediation - environmental, health safety
Lee, Jason J. - bankruptcy, family, business, real estate, estate planning
Li & Associates - immigration
Mathews & Rager - criminal, employment, personal injury, real estate
Mathews, Charles T. - criminal, employment, personal injury, real estate
McKinley and Capeloto, also Stevenson Ranch - full service
and McKinley and Capeloto, also Stevenson Ranch - full service
McMillan III, Willam N. - personal injury
McNally Bhavsar - personal injury, product liability, workers compensation
and McNally Bhavsar - personal injury, product liability, workers compensation
Merritt, Valerie J. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Mueth, Joseph E. - intellectual property (National Immigration Services)
Overing, Michael S., also San Fernando - intellectual property, employment, real estate, construction, estate planning
Parra, Oscar C. - tax, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Poole, Heather L. - immigration, family
Potter, Cohen, & Samulon - disability, workers compensation, family, criminal defense
Pumilia & Adamec - business
Queen, David D. - health care
Ramorino, Cristian M.
Reeves & Associates - immigration
Richardson & Harman - community associations
Risley, Robert L. (RisleyLaw) - litigation, real estate, estate planning, employment
Robin Carmack & Gonia, also Tustin - workers compensation defense
Rodriguez, Ric - real estate, bankruptcy
Rubbert & Associates, Thomas E. - landsides, condemnation, appellate
Russakow, Ryan & Johnson - full service
and Russakow, Ryan & Johnson - estate planning, wills, trusts
Samaha Grogin - civil litigation, real estate
Sheldon & Mak - intellectual property
Spurgeon, John H. & Associates - tax
Steffin, Jeanne Anne - veterans, malpractice, personal injury
Thon, Beck & Vanni
Udall, Matthew - immigration
Valdivia, Jeannette E. - product liability, insurance, employment
Walia Law Offices, Costa Mesa - litigation, business, real estate, employment
Walker, Rhonda K. - estate planning, probate, wills, trusts, real estate, construction, landlord/tenant
Weinberger, Steven E.
Wu & Naus

San Marino
Dillon, Janet, also Westlake Village - environment, land use
Miller, Eleanor - personal injury
Ryan, Kelly F. - entertainment, music
Sandra McMahan Irwin
Zaks & Baranrd

South Pasadena
Eichler, Gregg A., also Glendale - full service
and Eichler, Gregg A., also Glendale - full service
Glasco, George - litigation, probate, aviation, international, malpractice
Papanikolas, Demetrios - personal injury

San Gabriel Valley
City of Industry
Diamond Bar
El Monte
La Crescenta
La Verne
Monterey Park
Multiple Locations
Rowland Heights
San Dimas
San Gabriel
Temple City
West Covina

Champon, Into & Associates - immigration, barnkruptcy, criminal, real estate
and Champon, Into & Associates - immigration, barnkruptcy, criminal, real estate
Chang, Grace Lee - business
Francis & Blanco - real estate, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Koh, Katherine S. - immigration
Lee, John - immigration
Lo, Michael Y. (Debts Relief) - bankruptcy
and Lo, Michael Y. (Debts Relief) - bankruptcy
Quan, Cohen, & Hirano - real estate, business, litigation
Tanji, Jr., Kenneth, also West LA - real estate, construction
Universal Law Group - full service
Wu, Sam X. J., - bankuptcy, real estate, bilingual Chinese

Beres, Judy Lee - bankruptcy, criminal, estate planning, appellate
Ken, Catherine
Morris & Morris - family, bankruptcy
Oddenino & Gaule - personal injury, family, construction defect
Siu, Albert - real estate, bankruptcy, immigration
Yee, Jeffrey F., also Irvine

City of Industry
Chen & Haggerty - immigration, appeals
Chou & Chen - business
Fang, David S.W. - in Chinese
Joe, Jimmy L. - estate planning, probate, wills, trusts
Lin, Vincent Y. - bankruptcy, tax, estate planning, family, immigration, in Chinese
Zhang, Michael J. - in Chinese

Allen & Ehrle - criminal, tax, probate, DUI
and Allen & Ehrle - full service
Brown & Lipinsky - employment
Flippin and Nasmyth - employment, personal injury, business
Holmes, Stuart A. - DUI, criminal defense
Lombardo, Catherine - criminal defense
Shernoff Bidart Darras - insurance bad faith
Taylor, Simonson & Winter - tax
Wilkinson and Wilkinson - elder, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills

Aquino & Aquino - immigration
Krafft, M. Sue - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, real estate
Levy, Brian Don - family
and Levy, Brian Don - family
McMeekin, Daniel G. - civil litigation, criminal, family, real estate
Weiss, Robert E. - real estate, bankruptcy, community associations
Wheeler, Scott E. - litigation, employment, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills

Diamond Bar
Brown, Michael W. - estate planning, tusts, wills, elder
East IP Group - intellectual property
Flader, David M. - immigration, bankruptcy, DUI, landlord/tenant
Flamenbaum, Bruce - family
Godfrey, Dana A. - family
Madrid Law Firm - criminal defense, personal injury, civil rights
Rios, Delilah Knox - family

El Monte
Chavez & Associates - family, bankruptcy
Deng, Daniel H. - in Chinese
Li, Ming Gang - immigration, bilingual Chinese
Liang, Jonathan - in Chinese
Reinhold, Lawrence - immigration, business, bilingual Chinese

Bresee, William F. - corporate
Liddle and Liddle - tenant/landlord

Hacienda Heights
Nielsen, Ken - family, bankruptcy
Sheu, Jiunn-Liang - immigration, in Chinese

Huntington Park
Lien Advocates - workers compensation

Tyre, John - criminal, DUI

La Crescenta
Brennan, Wiener & Simons - personal injury, lemon law, medical malpractice
and Brennan, Wiener, & Simons - lemon law
Brennan, Robert F. - lemon law
Eick, William E. - estate planning, probate, trusts

La Verne
Haddon & Lam - employment, workers compensation, personal injury, estate planning

Patten, Faith & Sandford - full service
Pike, Gregory - criminal

Monterey Park
Gallegos, George A. - personal injury, criminal defense, DUI, business litigation
Warmuth & Niu - immigration
Werbel, Sharon R. - family, elder law, real estate

Bates, James W. - personal injury, employment, real estate, construction

Bader, James M. - workers compensation
and Bader, James M. - workers compensation
Bestard, Antonio Jose (Dr. Crime) - criminal
and Bestard, Antonio J. - criminal
Borges, Joe
Brisson, Paul L. - family, bankruptcy, personal injury
Meadows, Roger R. - litigation
Paris and Associates - criminal defense, personal injury
Polamero, Perry P. - real estate, business, litigation
Seagull, Keith A. - personal injury, workers compensation
Selters & Selters - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate


Rowland Heights
Chang, Albert J.C. - litigation

San Dimas
Crow Law Firm - railroad
EZ-Immigration (Livingston & Associates)
Pena, Thomas G. - faimly, bankruptcy, appellate

San Gabriel
Bander Law Firm - immigration, personal injury, criminal, bilingual Chinese

Temple City
Shaw, John L. - estate planning, probate, wills, trusts

Entertainment Immigration Services

West Covina
Antonelli, Joseph - employment, construction, personal injury, business
Cervantes, Ramon - criminal, personal injury, family
Crawford & Bangs - building industry
Fiore, Mauro - personal injury
McFadden, Bradley J. - family, criminal, real estate, personal injury, bankruptcy
Poulos, Christopher A. - disability
and Poulos, Christopher A. - disability
Rinaldi, Donald Edward - bankruptcy

Santa Clarita Valley
Multiple Locations
Santa Clarita
Stevenson Ranch

Stucker, Ross - personal injury, criminal, DUI

Santa Clarita
Antico, Andrew (Los Angeles Bankruptcy)
Dallara, Ken - intellectual property
Gilmartin, James H. - family
Keating Law Office - business, real estate, estate planning
MacDonald, Gina G. - family, estate planning, wills, trusts, probate
Schnittgrund, Gary - intellectual property
World Esquire - immigration

Symonds, Gary - criminal

Stevenson Ranch
McNamara, Jane - elder

Armour, Randall D. - estate planning, wills, trusts
Baldwin & Baldwin, also Mission Hills - personal injury, criminal, business litigation, family
Carlson, C. Ray - personal injury
Edzant, Barry L. - personal injury, lemon law
Haynes, Donald A. (My Legal Expert) - bankruptcy
Knebel, Henry
Mann and Associates - estate planning, wills, trusts
Mehta & Mann, also Century City - estate planning, wills, trusts, business, personal injury, employment
and Mehta & Mann (Elder Abuse Law Center)
Mortensen, Daniel R. - estate planning, trusts, tax
Owen, Patterson & Owen - personal injury, securities
Ramsey, William R. - employment
Reape-Rickett Law Firm (Family Law Today)
Snow Law - taxtation, probate

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