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Antelope Valley
Central County / Downtown
Harbor Area
Multiple Locations
Orange County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Fernando Valley
San Gabriel Valley
Santa Clarita Valley
South Bay
Southeastern County
Ventura County

Harbor Area
Long Beach
Multiple Locations
San Pedro
Seal Beach
Signal Hills

Long Beach
Alikani Law Firm
Anderson, John T. & Lisa Norman - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Attorney Aid - bankruptcy, family
Attorney Solution, also Huntington Beach - tax, bankruptcy
Barrett & Rubin - criminal, personal injury, workers compensation
Becker, Todd B. - workers compensation, bankruptcy
Bergkvist, Bergkvist & Carter - real estate, estate planning, probate, trusts, civil litigation
Blumberg Law Offices - medical malpractice, legal malpractice, real estate, personal injury
Calvert, Lori D. - personal injury, criminal, music
Cammarano, Dennis A. - transportation, marine, insurance, product liability
Cantrell, Green, Pekich, Cruz, & McCort, also Orange - workers compensation
Coniglio & Uthoff - maritime, shipping
Cook & Associates - employment, labor, civil rights
Dana & Macy - personal injury, employment, insurance
DeLuca, Philip P. - litigation
deMartino, Valerie K. - estate planning, probate, trusts, corporate
Demler, Armstrong & Rowland - personal injury, insurance defense, construction defect, intellectual property
Denatlmal - dental malpractice
Emling Forensis - intellectual property
Evans Brizendine & Silver - maritime, business, criminal, employment, personal injury, real estate, family
Fields Israel & Binning - construction, insurance, banking, real estate, employment, bankruptcy
Figueroa, Ricardo - criminal defense, DUI, immigration
Finn, Robert P. - litigation, personal injury, workers compensation, immigration
Ford, Walker, Haggerty & Behar -
Fort, John L. - real estate, appellate, business, medical malpractice, personal injury
Gabriel & Associates - personal injury, workers compensation, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
and Gabriel & Associates - personal injury, workers compensation, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Gaylord, Ned L. & Associates - asbestos
Girgis & Associates - represents medical providers in workers compensation cases
Glaser & Damone - personal injury, criminal defense
Gyler and Gilligan - family, litigation
Harrington, Curtis L. - intellectual property
Harting, Richard A. - personal injury, workers compensation, estate planning
Hartman, Eric S. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, real estate
Hoffman & Associates - personal injury
Jackson & Jackson - workers compensation, personal injury
Kaiser & Swindells - business, civil litigation
Kander, Roger & Associates - personal injury, malpractice, real estate, family, criminal, estate planning
Keesal, Young & Logan - full service
Kelly, George T. - personal injury, elder, civil rights, family, estate planning, personal injury
Kerry, Garcia & Lewis - personal injury, civil litigation
Krieger & Krieger - employment
Kuper, Denise M. - workers compensation, employment
Lashlee, C. Timothy - bankruptcy, landlord/tenant, family
Laughlin, Gregg S. - family, criminal, estate planning
Liddi, Jr., Nicholas L. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, personal injury, business, insurance
Lindsay, J. Kelso - elder, personal injury, family, probate, wills, trusts, criminal
Lombardi & Perry - personal injury, workers compensation, estate planning, wills, trusts
Martin, Thomas - personal injury
Matsuk, Leonard - criminal, personal injury
McBrearty & Ware (Eastside Law Center) - personal injury, criminal, boating
McKasson Klein - business, employment, foreign government, maritime, non-profits
Metzger Law Groups - environmental
Miller Brown & Dannis - education
Parker, Larry H. (Fight For - automobile accident
Peacock & Le Beau - criminal defense
and Peacock & Le Beau - criminal defense
and Peacock & Le Beau - criminal defense
Peterson-Lord, Janis - immigration
Pierce, Robert G. - personal injury, family, criminal, elder, toxic tort, medical malpractice
Prindle, Decker & Amaro, also Riverside - full service
Reid, Edward C. & Associates - personal injury, construction, employment
Sawyer, Orr & Sawyer - bankruptcy
Schuster & Associates - aviation, business, civil litigation, estate planning, intellectual property
Sisco, Kenneth D. - estate planning
Stacker, Patrick C.
Swati, Desai - lemon law, bankruptcy, civil litigation
Trainotti, D. Michael - estate planning, wills, trusts
Vandenberg Newell Curtis Nelson & Schuur
Weiss Hirota & Associates
Wiezorek, Rice & Lovelace - civil litigation, real estate, employment, insurance, personal injury
Wulfsohn, Julius - estate, probate, trusts, wills

San Pedro
Horeczko, Matthew - criminal
Naylor, Charles D. ( - maritime
Sacks, Howard D. - personal injury, maritime
Wilkes & McHugh - elder abuse, medical malpractice, construction defects

Signal Hill
Carlin & Ceccia - employment

South Bay
El Segundo
Hermosa Beach
Manhattan Beach
Multiple Locations
Palos Verdes Estates
Rancho Palos Verdes
Redondo Beach

Anciano and Baculi - immigration
Lawson, James Drew, also Beverly Hills - business, real estate
Lerner, Brian D., also Long Beach - immigration

El Segundo
Brayton Purcell - personal injury, product liability, asbestos
and Asbestos Network - Brayton Purcell
and Beryllium Network - Brayton Purcell
and Elder Abuse Information - Brayton Purcell
and Mesothelioma Network - Brayton Purcell
Jarvis & Mandell - tax, estate planning, wills, trusts
Kirtland & Packard - civil litigation

Bowman and Brooke - civil litgation defense
Gibson, Cynthia L. - bankruptcy

Hermosa Beach
Baker, Burton & Lundy - antitrust, business, employment, estate planning, personal injury
Edgerton & Weaver
Hodges & Thomas - personal injury, product liability
Polinger, Thomas M. - family, civil litigation

Rastegar & Matern - personal injury, employment, entertainment, intellectual property, real estate

Splinter, Robert G. - personal injury

Manhattan Beach
Carter, Tom - employment
Crosner, Albert L. & Associates - criminal
Davis & Carico - estate planning, elder, tax
DuRoss, Daniel V. - estate planning, probate, wills, trusts
Guimera & Guimera - business, employment, intellectual property, international, real estate
Gunderson, Schlichter, Shonack & Handel - bankruptcy, government relations, employment, personal inury, real estate
Hallett, James M. - criminal, family
Jenkins & Hogin - public agencies
Jossen, Sanford - litigation
Lauzon & Euler - employment, labor, family
Rombro & Associates - family, civil litigation, business
Stone, Dolginer & Wenzel, also West LA - personal injury, medical malpractice, aviation
and Stone, Dolginer & Wenzel, also West LA - personal injury, medical malpractice, aviation

Palos Verdes Estates
Chodos, Michael
Martin & Martin - family
Rothman, Stephen P. - corporate

Rancho Palos Verdes
Donoghue, Laurence B. - immigration, family, criminal
Schlackman, Marvin I. - business

Redondo Beach
Keller, Price & Moorhead - litigation, personal injury
Regan, James J. - business litigation, immigration
Rosen, Pauline - family, also mediation
Strain, John A. - tax

Rolling Hills Estates
Elias, Charles - family
Esensten, Jack I. - family, personal injury
Sibbison III, John H. - family

Adkins-Hunnewell, Carol J. - family, estate planning, wills, trust, probate
Agnew & Brusavich - personal injury
Becker, Gregory -
Bird and Bird - criminal defense
Booth & Koskoff - personal injury
Brown, David S. - personal injury
Byer & Associates - tax, real estate, construction
Chung, Bobby C. - immigration
Clarkson, Gore & Marsella - bankruptcy, business
Daigneault, Abel & Daigneault - full service
Deason, Edward J. - personal injury, insurance bad faith, medical malpractice
Donahue, Kevin D. - criminal defense
Eskridge Law - employment, civil rights, real estate, business
Finer, Kim & Stearns - full service
Fletcher & Associates - personal injury, employment, workers compensation, family, estate planning
Ginsburg, Paul A. - business
Greathouse, Janet J. - immigration
Hansen, Mary - business, computer
Hindenlang, Walt - estate planning, trusts, wills
Keschner, Irving - intellectual property
MacCabe and MacCabe, also Orange - family, criminal defense
Malek & Malek, also Irvine - litigation, medical malpractice
Mandel, Bruce A. - family
McGaughey & Spirito - family, collaborative
and McGaughey & Spirito - family
McGregor & Ernenwein - criminal defense, DUI
McGuinness, Tara - family, tax, estate planning
McNulty and Saacke
McPhee, W. Allan
Miller, Karen B. - family
Petillon & Hiraide - business, corporate
Rosenfeld, Andrew M. - full service
Sanders & Montalto - personal injury, business, immigration, employment, real estate, estate planning
Torii & Awakuni - estate planning, probate, wills, trusts, business, civil litigation
Voorhees, Knable, Freeman & Pettler
Williamson & Associates - insurance defense, workers compensation, medical malpractice
Wolfsen, Judith A. - family
Workman, David J. - bankruptcy, family
Wyner & Tiffany - children with special needs, disabilities

Southeastern County
Multiple Locations
Santa Fe Springs

Huang, Andy Y.
Immigration Express

Gangloff, Gangloff & Pool
Hutchens, Lawrence J. - lemon
Kezios, Georgia N. - landlord/tenant, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, family, business

Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, also Riverside - employment, labor
Chou, W. Steven - business, estate planning, probate, family, immigration
Kita, George and Carlos Iriarte - criminal defense, DUI
and Kita, George I. - juvenile criminal defense
Pingel, Steven R. - personal injury, employment, disability, litigation
Singer, Edward J., also Beverly Hills - workers compensation
Sood, Sunita - bankruptcy, family

Sanchez, Eduardo - business, estate planning, tax, international

Bunnett, John A. - personal injury, estate planning, real estate, business, bankruptcy
Carfrae, Dorothy L. - family
and Carfrae, Dorothy L. - family
Cristea, Alexandru A. - immigration
Davies, John - personal injury, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, bankruptcy
English, Richard T. - workers compensation
Fagel, Bruce G. & Associates - medical malpractice
Hall, Ronald M. - personal injury, criminal
Hoffman, Steven J. - family
Jacobs, Robert F. - immigration, criminal, personal injury
and Jacobs, Robert F. - immigration, criminal, personal injury
Leland, Judith S., also Santa Ana, Ontario - social security disability
Oliver Law Office - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Young, Lawrence R. - criminal defense, family, bankruptcy, personal injury

Hansen, Steven W. - product liability defense
Nolan, Damian M. - family

Deyo, Richard - family
and Deyo, Richard N. - family
Gold, Jeffrey D. - DUI, criminal
Marotta & Ramos - workers compensation
Mitchell, Robert E. - business, civil litigation, family, estate planning, employment
Weldon, Charles R. - personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, workers compensation

Hall, Howard H. - personal injury

Santa Fe Springs
Gibbons Jr., Joseph T. - criminal defense
Goel, Baisakhi Ram - immigration
Mitchell, Susan A. - estate planning, probate, civil litigation, family, criminal, business

South Gate
DiGiacomo, Frank E. - criminal, family, real estate

Averill & Varn - intellectual property
Munoz, J. David - personal injury, labor, criminal
Oberholtzer, Jay - family, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, elder, real estate
Phipps, David A. - business
Shedwill, Jamison J. - criminal, family, personal injury
and Shedwill, Jamison - criminal, family, personal injury
Von Mizener, Martin - workers compensation

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