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Central Orange County
Legal Services in General
Los Angeles County
North Orange County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
South Orange County
Ventura County

Central County
Fountain Valley
Garden Grove
Huntington Beach
Newport Beach
Santa Ana
Seal Beach

Anaheim Legal Service (Donald M. Relock)
Farano & Kieviet - employment, real estate, business, criminal, estate planning
Fleming, Richard A. - criminal, personal injury, workers compensation
Huffman, James L. - bankruptcy
Kim & Kessler, also Mid-City - business, personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy
Marlin & Saltzman, also Woodland Hills - civil litigation, personal injury, insurance bad faith
Mashney Law Offices - workers compensation, personal injury, criminal, bankruptcy, immigration, pharmacy
Migliore, Alfonso J. (Social Security Disability Hearings & Appeals) - personal injury, workers compensation
and Migliore Law & Mediation - personal injury, workers compensation
Rothman, Larry & Associates - community associations, business litigation
Seals & Tenenbaum - business litigation
Shah, Paresh A. - immigration
Shapiro, Mitchell A. - full service
and Shapiro, Mitchell A. - full service
Taller, Martin (
Yanez, Bettina L. - immigration, family, personal injury, estate planning

Fountain Valley
Binder, Sidney - tax
Bridgman, Bruce & Associates - criminal, family, immigration, bankruptcy, estate planning, workers compensation
Cheng, Clement - intellectual property
Do Phu, Anh Tuan & Huy Hoang, also El Monte, Montclair - in Vietnamese
Eagle, Sam M. - personal injury
Lam, L. Andre
Manulkin, Glaser & Bennett - immigration
McDonald, Brian
Palmer, Tran & Langs - immigration, workers compensation
and Palmer & Tran (GreenCardCentral) - immigration
Rutyna, Edward J.
and Rutyna, Edward J. - workers compensation
Sjaarda, Donald S. - personal injury
Troung and Associates (EzLaw Online)
and Troung Phu Hoa
Wright, Michael V. - family, criminal, business, litigation

Garden Grove
Coats, Charlotte A. - family, Native American, military
Homen, Norman J. - workers compensation, criminal, personal injury, bankruptcy
Lam, Knudsen & Park - bankruptcy, business, family, immigration, personal injury - criminal, family, personal injury
Nguyen, Hai
Staten, Jacqueline - bankrupcty, criminal, family - tax
Tu Law Group, also Rosemead - immigration, personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, real estate, family

Huntington Beach
Abarr, Maurice, also Santa Ana, Riverside - workers compensation
and Abarr, Maurice, also Santa Ana, Riverside - workers compensation
Armstrong, Alan Leigh - estate planning, wills, trusts, real estate, environmental, maritime
Bertz, Randall C. - criminal
and Bertz, Randall - criminal
Braden & Tucci - DUI
Brady, Michael J. - family
Channels, Walter D. - family, estate planning
Doeringer, Jeffrey W. - family
Fine, Mona J. - personal injury, family, business litigation
Hendrickson, Patrica A. - family
Hennes, Christopher J. - criminal, DUI, estate planning, probate, personal injury
Metcalf & McKenzie
Quirk, Karen E. (Orange County Law Center) - family
Roberts, Joseph Arthur (DebtReview) - bankruptcy
Schennum, Vicki L. - bankruptcy
Schreiber, Gary - criminal defense, personal injury
Stone, Morris
Thomassen, Marilyn R. - personal injury

Newport Beach
AAA Probate Law Center - estate planning
Accident Attorneys (Paul E. Lee) - personal injury
Anthony, Jack H. - personal injury, employment, litigation
and Anthony, Jack H. - personal injury, employment, litigation
Asset Protection - probate, estate planning, taxes
Barta, Theresa J. - insurance bad faith, business, employment
Bidna & Keys - real estate, business
Bisnar and Chase - personal injury
Bjerregaard & Beauchamp, also Irvine - real estate, litigation, business
Black and Ciment - criminal defense
Bohan & Stracner - medical malpratice, elder abuse
Bruggerman, Michael R. - criminal defense
Buxbaum and Chakmak, also Claremont - business, civil litigation, real estate, bankruptcy
Call, Jensen & Ferrell - litigation, employment, education, securities
Cano, Kristin M. - securities
Casey & Richards - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Castle, Petersen & Krause - civil litigation, employment, constitutional
Conn, Robert L. - real estate, business, litigation
Copenbarger, Llyod & Associates - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Donovan Group - debt collection
Dooley-Russell - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Dorney, Gene E. - criminal
Feldsott & Lee - community associations, real estate, construction defects
Ferruzzo & Worthe - full service
Glasser and Associates - family
Goe & Forsythe - bankruptcy, contracts, real estate
Graham Family Law, also Santa Ana
Grannan, Patrick C. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, intellectual property
Gray, John S. - lemon law, consumer
Greenbaum & Katz - debt recovery, securities fraud
Hanley, William B. - litigation
Heston & Heston - bankruptcy, family
Jacobs & Dodds - business
Kalfin & Bowersett - family
Khiterer Law Office - intellectual property
Klein and Wilson - business litigation
Kompa, Mark A. - real estate, landlord/tenant, bankruptcy, appellate
Kornievsky, George M. - family
Kramer, Paul Damien - business, construction
Lents & Foley
Letterman, Bryce L. - elder, estate planning, securities, business, mediation
Low IV, Joseph H. - personal injury
Miller Law Firm, also Downtown - construction defect
Monaco, Randell A. - criminal
Naghash, Roger E. - criminal, litigation
Nicholas, Frank - personal injury
and Nicholas, Frank - personal injury
OrangeCountyAttorney - personal injury
Pores, Joel Michael - legal malpractice
Rapillo, John, also Huntington Beach - personal injury
Reinecke, Thomas G. - personal injury
and Reinecke, Thomas G. - personal injury
Resnick and Gray
Rinaldi, Kate T. - family
Roberts, Christine Karol - intellectual property
Roberts Law Firm, The - personal injury, employment
Robinson, Calcagnie & Robinson - personal injury
Russell & Miller - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Ruzicka, Snyder & Wallace - real estate
Rynn & Janowsky - employment, agricultural
Schiff & Shelton - full service
Schwartz, Ronald B., also Santa Monica - personal injury
Scott & Whitehead - employment, labor
Self & Bhamre
Sexton & Associates, Christopher - business
Sheldon, Stephen R.
Slaughter & Slaughter - business, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, tax
Slifman, Marilyn S. - family
Smith & Susson - civil litigation
Steering, Jerry L. - police misconduct, criminal, civil litigation
Stephens & Kray - asset protection, estates, mergers & aquisitions
Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth - full service
Tow, Marc R. and Associates - civil litigation, corporate, securities
Unified Processing - immigration
Utzurrum, Joe (Newport Law Office), also Santa Ana - business
Voss, Cook and Thel - real estate, tax, corporate, environmental
Walker Law Firm, The
Walsh, Michael T., also Laguna Niguel - estate planning, trusts, wills
Wang, Hartman & Gibbs - immigration, intellectual property, international, labor, employment
Webb, P. Jennifer - family
Winthrop Couchot - bankruptcy
Woodhouse, Violet P. - family, also financial planning
Wordes, Wilshin & Conner - real estate
Wright, Finlay & Zak - real estate, banking

Adler, David L. - personal injury
Allen, Lila - family
Beckman, Karen - family
Bennett, William P. (
Besser, Barry I. - family, personal injury, criminal defense, civil litigation
Brooks, Wilfred, also Mid-City - immigration
Brower, Ronald G. - full service
Brady, Vorwerck & Ryder - full service
Crawford, James M. - criminal, appeals
Cummings & Kemp, also Riverside - litigation
Deming & Associates, Judith E.
Eriksen, Greg L. - business, estate planning, personal injury, construction, real estate
Granato, Frank D. - full service
Grant, Richard John - bankruptcy, landlord/tenant
Hickman, Gary E. - business
Honda, Hester H. - social security
Kunzman, Claudette D. - estate plannig, wills, trusts
Levine, Marc R. - construction industry
Mayer, Marvin D. - landlord/tenant, construction defect, bankruptcy, legal malpractice
McCall, Patrick A. - family
and McCall, Patrick A. - family
McNeil, Patrick D. - criminal, juvenile
Niven & Niven - family
Niven, Louis M. - family
Oh, J. John - business, real estate, securities, tax, bankruptcy, estate planning, trusts
Prescott & Prescott - family
Qualls, Kevin L. - family
Streed, Scott S. - family, personal injury, civil litigation
Terry, Kathryn Elizabeth - international, immigration
Thompson, Daryl B. - DUI, criminal defense
Ziegler, Paula - family

Santa Ana
Aitken, Aitken & Cohn - personal injury
Battin, Robert W. - insurance bad faith
Baucom, Marsha - family
Brittain, Stephen - bankruptcy
Callahan & Blaine - litigation
Calvo & Mattingley - personal injury
Cameron & Dreyfuss - real estate
Campion Rodolff - personal injury
Channels, Cedric H. - workers compensation
Cifarelli Law Firm - personal injury
and Cifarelli Law Firm - personal injury
Clem & Rubin - family, personal injury, workers compensation
Coughlin & Conforti - employment
Covas, John Michael - criminal, bankruptcy, administrative, civil litigation
Coviello, Robert - employment, labor
Dewit, Daniel L. - family, personal injury, criminal
DiMarco, Araujo & Monetvideo - personal injury, workers compensation
Dracup & Patterson, also Newport Beach, Laguna Hills, Whittier - family, business, computer, real estate, appellate, intellectual property
Emge, Holly M.
Esposito & Associates, also Glendale - business, criminal, personal injury
Fakhimi & Associates - criminal defense, bankruptcy, family, litigation
and Fakhimi & Associates - criminal defense, bankruptcy, family, litigation
Family Business Office - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Fischer, Robert D. - family
and Fischer, Robert D. - family
Flatley, Ian L. - family, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Friedman, Jeffrey H. - criminal defense
Glew and Kim - full service
and Glew and Kim - criminal defense, family
Godfrey, W. Peter - workers compensation defense
Goldsman, Gene J. - personal injury
Gulay, Krishna - workers compensation, family
Hart, King & Coldren
Hartmann and Miller - DUI, criminal defense
Horton Barbaro & Reilly - trial
and Elder Abuse (Horton Barbaro & Reilly) - elder
Hranek & Associates, also Sun City - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Hunt & Adams - trial
Injury & Consumer Law Center (Frank R. Sariol) - workers compensation, personal injury
Johnson, Stephen W. - bankruptcy, sexual harassment
Keller, Richard L. (
Klein, Gerald L. (Kindlaw) - family
Klein, Jeffrey M. - workers compensation
Kolczynski, Phillip J. - aviation
Leipold, Daniel A. - elder
Liberto, Shelley M. - intellectual property
Liebeck, Kevin G.
Maupin, Thomas A. - workers compensation defense
McGee, William - lemon law
McKeague, W. Douglas - family
McMillan & Jennings - product liability, toxic torts
Melmet, Steven J. - tenant, landlord, bankruptcy
Mosich and Fatone - lemon law
Mullhofer, Matthew C. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Nguyen, Tracy
Nicol, Ricardo A. - criminal defense, personal injury
Nunes, Anthony J. - family, criminal, personal injury, immigration
Perez & Perez - criminal, personal injury, civil litigation, family
Prenovost Normandin Bergh & Dawe - full service
Risner, Lisa - family
Sayre, Frederico C. - personal injury, product liability, malpractice, civil rights, toxic torts
Sayre & Chavez, also Mid-City - personal injury, product liability, malpractice, civil rights, toxic torts
Schapiro & Leventhal - motorcycle accidents
Schroeder, Steven F. - tax, estate planning
Serbia, George W., also Laguna Hills - workers compensation
Shakoori Law Group - bankruptcy
Shuff III, Joseph A. - family, real estate, litigation, personal injury
Smith, David L.
Stevens, McGuire & Rizio - criminal, personal injury
Surtida, Hilda - immigration
and Surtida Law Offices - bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury
Swytak, Stephen C. - family, bankruptcy, personal injury
Thordsen, Herman - lending, real estate, bankruptcy
Traut Firm, The - personal injury
Wang, Vivian - immigration
Wankel, David A. - construction, real estate
Wedemeyer & Prangley - veterans
Watkins Law Office
Wilkirson & Associates - workers compensation, personal injury, family, criminal
Witose, Lawrence A. - family

Seal Beach
Gilligan Law, also Rolling Hills Estates - family, tax
Herron, Robert J. - criminal defense, estate planning, wills, trust, probate, personal injury
Kinsey, Eugene E. - full service
Rabenn, Glen L. ( - family
Maritime Law Center
and Rabenn, Glen L. - family
Trommald, John E. (Total Trust) - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate

Callahan, McCune & Willis, also West LA - full service
Edelman, Jerome
Frenzel Law - intellectual property, entertainment, employment, construction, estate planning
Hardeman, Dale F. (socalbankruptcy)
Hughes & Sullivan - family
Karlin, L. Scott
Lunetto & Hegel, also Riverside - personal injury, sexual harassment, workers compensation
Nisson and Nisson - full service
Ortlieb, Donna L. - criminal
and Ortlieb, Donna L. - criminal
and Ortlieb, Donna L. - criminal
Posey & Associates - family
Ray, Fredrick M., also Santa Fe Springs - criminal defense
Skawin, Gary E. - workers compensation

Doan Van Tien & Doan Van Thinh - in Vietnamese
Goldfein, Jerome - criminal defense
Hedderman, John G. & Associates - personal injury, criminal, immigration, bankruptcy
Lynd, Grant A. - personal injury, workers compensation, immigration
Nguyen & An - in Vietnamese
Soto, Alan M. - estate planning, trusts
Tran, Bill & Associates, also Rosemead - family, criminal, personal injury

North County
Anaheim Hills
La Habra
Yorba Linda

Anaheim Hills
Aliberti, Joseph M. - family
Andrews, Richard G. - personal injury, workers compensation
Augustin, Danielle - child advocacy
Zinn & Lorand
Warren Benson - whistleblower, qui tam

Bacon Law - litigation, business, employment, estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Carroll, Gilbert & Bachor - full service
Dhokia, J. - immigration, business
Dolan Law Offices - criminal defense
Hinz, William A. - criminal, juvenile, personal injury, family, estate planning
Nguyen & Hale - personal injury, bankruptcy, family
Rogers, Debra L. - personal injury
Stoddart, Ronald L. - adoption

Ballard, J. Larry - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, tax
Berkley, Benjamin H. (GoAskMyLawyer) - full service
Brockett, Lee H. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, tax
Bush, William M. - family
Criscione, James Paul - family, bankruptcy
Curran and Watson - criminal, administrative, family
Donovan and Draheim, also Riverside - real estate, family, business, personal injury, insurance
Evans, Ralph T. - business litigation, bankruptcy, family
Gigliotti & Gigliotti - personal injury, employment
Hagan & Associates - family, real estate, business
Hartnett & Hayes
Hopson, Sterling J. - full service
Hlywa, Terrence - immigration
Jasper Law Firm, also Irvine - litigation, real estate, bankruptcy
and Jasper Law Firm, also Irvine - litigation, real estate, bankruptcy
Jones & Mayer - law enforcement agencies
Lea & Nivinskus
Millers, John E. - family, bankruptcy
Orange County Probate Attorneys - estate planning
Patno, Judy - personal injury, business litigation
Patrick, Lisa Mitts - personal injury, insurance, civil litigation
Patterson Hanna & Associates
Roberts, Mark Scott - estate planning, trusts
Rubio, Jacqueline Goodman - criminal defense
Schonfeld, David S. - landlord, tenant
Stearman, Jeffrey D. - full service
Wheatley, Scott & Company - construction
Winn and Sims - bankruptcy

La Habra
Goldstein & Ward
McDonnell and Kent - criminal defense, DUI

Sullivan, John A. - personal injury, business, real estate

Yorba Linda
Gullixson, John M. - personal injury, public agencies, estate planning
Lakeshore Law Center - civil litigation
Nicholson, Douglas L. - insurance, employment, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, personal injury, estate planning, workers compensation
Platisha, Linda S. - travel agencies

South County
Capistrano Beach
Corona del Mar
Costa Mesa
Dana Point
Foothill Ranch
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Laguna Woods
Lake Forest
Mission Viejo
Rancho Santa Margarita
San Clemente
San Juan Capistrano

Aliso Viejo

Capistrano Beach
Draper, Paul D. - business, civil litigation

Corona del Mar
Dawson & Dawson

Costa Mesa
Baker, Darren L., also Orange - estate planning, trusts
Balfour MacDonald Olmsted - full service
Behrndt III, William C. - family
Brennen, Michael (Custody for Fathers) - family
Buckner, Alani, Khouri, Chavos & Mirkovich - real estate, criminal, landlord/tenant, environmental
Case, Ibrahim & Clauss - construction, real estate, business
Chaix, John - construction
Cooksey, Toolen, Gage, Duffy & Woog - full service
Cordileone, Joe B. & Associates, also Ontario - employment, personal injury, insurance bad faith
Goodman Law Group - intellectual property, business
Grace Brandon Hollis, also Temecula, Oxnard
Haeussler & Associates - civil litigation
Harle, Janics & Kannen - community associations
Hochfelsen, Steven I. - business litigation
McCormick, Kidman & Behrens - real estate, estate planning, trusts, probate, environmental
Meyer, Paul S. - criminal
Miles, Bauer, Bergstrom & Winters - civil litigation, bankruptcy, tenant/landlord
Morris Law Firm - business, employment, real estate, personal injury
Quinlivan Wexler - estate planning, tax, litigation, business
Rutan & Tucker - full service (Joseph A. Weber) - bankruptcy
Wolf Firm - banking

Dana Point
Obrand, Michael F. - real estate, employment, criminal defense

Foothill Ranch
Kurtz, Anderson and Associates - business, estate planning, tax

Alcorn, John R. - immigration
Aldrich & Bonnefin - banking, litigation, corporate
Alt & Associates - banking
American Immigration and Visa Law Offices
Andrade & Associates - full service
Ashley, Fred T. - employment
Bachman, Robert L. - construction
Barry, Roy A. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, family, bankruptcy
Baruch, Joel W. - personal injury, criminal defense
Berk, Greg ( - immigration
Blakeley & Blakeley - bankruptcy
Boyd & Chang - business
Brace, Anna C. - family
Bullivant Houser Baily - full service
Busch Firm, The, Irvine - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Cadden and Fuller - business
Callahan, Rebecca - litigation, business, bankruptcy
Carlton, Daniel C. - personal injury, real estate, business, mediation
Carter Law Firm - personal injury, employment
Collins, Bruce S. - personal injury, criminal
Collins & Bellenghi - employment, business litigation
Connor, Blake & Griffin - full service
Corbett & Steelman - litigation
Corris, Steve - civil litigation, criminal
Coss, Shreiar, and Lazof
Creason & Aarvig, also Riverside - medical, public entity
Daily Law Group - personal injury
Dishon, Aaron - family
Dodge, David C. - tax
and Dodge, David C. - tax
Donahue, Timothy - personal injury, workers compensation, business, criminal defense
Dooley, Brian G. and Associates - estate planning, trusts for non-Americans, bilingual French, Spanish
Dorsey & Whitney - litigation, regulatory, business
Dubin, Eric J. - business, personal injury
Falk, Shaff & Ziebell - securities, tax, estate planning, business
Farahmand, Ali M. - immigration, person injury, business
Fard, Sima - employment, civil litigation
Fiore, Racobs & Powers, also Palm Desert, Riverside - community associations
Fisher & Phillips - labor, employment
Floratos, Loll & Devine - business
Gauntlett & Associates - intellectual property, antitrust
Ghormley & Associates - personal injury, employment
Glass, Don (Credit Wizard) - credit repair, bankruptcy
Grimaila, Debra - business, real estate
Hackbarth Jr., Raymond W. - real estate, construction
Hannah, Mitchell B. - construction, criminal, personal injury
Hausmann, Arthur R. ( - insurance
Hawkins & Sofonio - personal injury, medical malpractice, employment, tenant/landlord
Hearn, Michael - construction defect
Hickey & Petchul - community associations
Hodges, Safa V. - personal injury (Roxana Amiri) - immigration
Inhouse Attorneys - business
Internet Business Law Service (IBLS)
Kauffman, Scott - tax
Keller, Jennifer L. - criminal defense, civil litigation
Kirk & Toberty - criminal defense, family, business
Klein Law - corporate, estate planning, intellectual property
Koeblitz & McNally - civil litigation, business, real estate, estate planning, elder
Landry, Virginia L. - criminal
Lehman, Roger E. - family
MacPherson Kwok Chen & Heid - intellectual property
Maddox, A. Lee - dental
Mahaffey & Associates
McFarlin, Timothy G. - bankruptcy
Morris, Aaron P. - trial, litigation
Moses, Paul A. - bankruptcy, business
Nair, Steven G. - tax, appellate, bankruptcy
Nash, Paul S. - business, estate planning
Nicastro Piscopo Ogrin - bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury, business litigation
Oswald & Yap - business litigation, employment
Parilla, Militzok, Shedden & Garber - real estate
Paulson Law Firm - business
Payne & Fears, also Downtown - business litigation, employment
Pernice, Charles A. - lemon law
Pray, Frank - employee
Preston, Gates & Ellis - full service
Price, Crooke & Gary - litigation, estate planning, trusts, wills
Quintilone & Associates - employment, labor, workers compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance bad faith
Rager and Noiroux
Rainone, Dominic E. - technology, business, estate planning
Root & Feinstein - employment
Rus, Miliband & Smith - litigation, bankruptcy
Rushmore Group, The - estate planning, probate, trusts
Schreiber, Kenneth L. - criminal defense
Scott, Robert K. - bad faith insurance
Sears, Steven - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Senter, Erika W. - appellate
Shimokaji Fritz - intellectual property
Slavin-Cosell, Judith A.
Smith Smith & Feeley - insurance
Snell & Wilmer - full service
Songstad, Randall & Ulich - full service
Spray, Gould & Bowers - employment, personal injury, construction defect
Teel, Ken L. - personal injury
Tosti, Joseph M. and Associates - personal injury, bankruptcy
and Tosti, Joseph M. and Associates - personal injury, bankruptcy
Trustee Corps - foreclosures, bankruptcy
Turner, Reynolds, Greco & O'Hara - full service
U.S. Immigration and Visa Law Center
Utter, Jack - full service
Vance, Blair, and Grady, also Riverside
Verdon, Jeffrey M. - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald - construction, real estate, employment
Weule, Ballard & Mondo - construction, real estate
Winslow, David C. (Divorce 4 Cops) - family
Writer, Kayleene H. - family
Zeppos Law Firm - tax, estate planning, wills, trusts

Laguna Beach
Alari, Stanley (Stan the Radarman) - traffic
Denton, Kenneth G. (Orange County Accident Law)
Handel, Arthur M. - personal injury
Jacobs, Jeffrey G. - full service
Levin & O'Connor - intellectual property
Nokes & Quinn - real estate, litigation, business, personal injury, product liability, environmental
Schindler Law Firm, The - personal injury
Simons, Barry T. - DUI, criminal defense

Laguna Hills
Aarons, Vilma M. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Adair, Lee - family
Barnes & Farrell - lemon law
Bors Jr., E. Daniel - family
Burge and Strid - personal injury, business litigation, employment, constructino defect
Cohen and Blitz - personal injury, workers compensation
Cohen, Sheldon - lemon law
Cooper, Daniel J. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, real estate, tax
D'Anthony, Poliquin & Doyle
Doan Law Offices - personal injury, workers compensation, bankruptcy
Ellsworth & McDowell - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills, bankruptcy
Feldman, Steven J. & Associates - elder
Groves, Byron - business, probate, litigation
Jackson & Wilson - litigation, personal injury, appellate
Jacobs and Jacobs, also Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano - personal injury
LeVine, J. Eric - real estate
Lockhart, Karen E. - criminal defense
Lukoschek, Monica E. - immigration
and Lukoschek, Monica E. - immigration
Mark, Ronald H. - personal injury
Marks, Kenneth G. - personal injury
Metoyer Law Firm - lemon law
Parham & Rajcic, also Camarillo - public schools
Pohlson & Moorhead - criminal defense, personal injury
Reinglass, Michelle A. - business, employment, labor
Roberts, Blair ( - employment
Ross, Lawrence S. - family
Smith, Jan - bankruptcy
Steins & Associates - intellectual property
Tuohey, Conrad G. - real estate, construction
Vaughn, James O. - business, employment, family, probate, estate planning, wills, trusts

Laguna Niguel
Apke, Thomas M. - international, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Burdman Law Group - construction defect
Calton & Burns - personal injury
Ettinghoff, Tracy - real estate, community associations, litigation
Hartsock, William D. - tax
Kendall, Rock O. - DMV
Petrie & Associates - full service
Small, Henstridge, Cabodi & Pyles - personal injury, construction defect
Winsten Law Group

Laguna Woods
Dicks & Coglianese, also Ventura - construction defects

Lake Forest
Ballard, Robert M. - estate planning, real estate
Lee, David Jon - estate planning, trusts, probate, wills

Mission Viejo
Borchard & Baur
Farjami & Farjami - intellectual property, technology
Sessions Kimball and Turner (Job-Law) - employee
Tenery and Associates - tax
Tuttle, Timothy W. - business
Warde, Diedre - family
Wuhrman, Arnold - bankruptcy, tax
Zwick, Steven - personal injury, medical malpractice, lega malpractice

Rancho Santa Margarita
Franchise Law Team
Huggins, Robin C. - family
Richard, Kenneth J. - administrative agency

San Clemente
Anderson, John - personal injury, criminal defense, family
Beal, Bruce Leonard - business
Bienert & Krongold
Gibbs Law Firm - civil litigation
Hartmann, Jeffrey R. - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Jaret & Jaret - construction, consumer, labor, employment
Lange & Minnott - estate planning, trusts, wills, probate
Lowe, Rex Alan - estate planning, probate, trusts, wills
Loyer, Kathleen M. - education

San Juan Capistrano
Graves and King - insurance defense
Logan, Garfield L. - tax, estate planning, trusts, wills, probate, real estate
Powell, Joseph - workers compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice

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