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Schools/College/University Departments
Computer Information Systems
Electrical Engineering
Math and Computer Science
Vocational Training

Abraham Lincoln University School of Information Technology, West LA
American Indian Summer Institute in Computer Science, Irvine - UCI
Azusa Pacific University Dept. of Computer Science
Caltech Computer Science Dept., Pasadena
Caltech Computation and Neural Systems (CNS), Pasadena
California Lutheran University Computer Science, Thousand Oaks
and California Lutheran University Computer Science Department, Thousand Oaks
Cal State Dominguez Hills Dept. of Computer Science, Carson
Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) Dept. of Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Cal State Northridge (CSUN) Dept. of Computer Science
Cal Poly Pomona Computer Science Dept.
Cal State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) Dept. of Computer Science
Chapman University Dept. of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, Orange
College of the Canyons Computer Science Dept., Santa Clarita
El Camino College Dept. of Computer Science, Torrance
Fullerton College Computer Science Dept.
Harvey Mudd College Computer Science Dept., Claremont
Long Beach City College Computer & Office Technologies
Los Angeles Mission College Computer Science, Sylmar
Los Angeles Pierce College Computer Science & Information Technology Dept., Woodland Hills
Loyola Marymount Computer Science Dept., Westchester
Moorpark College Computer Science / Electronics Technology
Mt. Sierra College, Pasadena - information technology
Orange Coast College Computer Information Systems and Computer Science, Costa Mesa
Pepperdine University Computer Science, Malibu
Pomona College Computer Science Dept., Claremont
Saddleback College Computer Science Dept., Mission Veijo
Santa Ana College Computer Science Dept.
UCI Dept. of Information and Computer Science, Irvine
UCLA Computer Science Dept., Westwood
UCLA Program in Computing, Westwood
UC Riverside Computer Science Dept.
University of Redlands Dept. of Computer Science
USC Computer Science Dept., Downtown
USC Information Technology Program, Downtown
Victor Valley College Electronics and Computer Technology Dept., Victorville

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Life
Electrical Engineering
Embedded Systems
Image Processing
Vision Systems
ATTEND: Analytical Tools to Evaluate Negotiation Difficulty, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Caltech Multi-Res Modeling Group, Pasadena
CAMERA: Coordination and Management Environments for Responsive Agents, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Center for Advanced Computing Research, Pasadena - Caltech
Center for Software Engineering (CSE), Downtown - USC
Computer Engineering, Downtown - USC
CRISIS: Critical Resource Allocation and Intrusion Response for Survivable Information Systems, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Cyrano Sciences, Pasadena - nose, smelling devices
DEFACTO: Design Environment for Adaptive Computing Technology, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Digital Arithmetic and Reconfigurable Architecture Laboratory, Westwood - UCLA
Global Operating Systems Technology Group, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Human/Computer Interface Project, Westwood - UCLA
ICS Research Group - Algorithms and Data Structures, Irvine
Institute for Software Research (ISR), Irvine - UCI
Institute of Computer Technology Library
Jisan Research Institute, Pasadena
Large-Scale Active Middleware, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Microsystems Research Group, Pasadena - Caltech
Model Based Architecting & Software Engineering (MBASE), Downtown - USC
Next Generation Software Laboratory, Irvine - UCI
PASCAL: PArallel Systems & Computer Architectures Lab, Downtown - USC
Physics of Computation, Pasadena - Caltech
Quantum Information and Computing, Pasadena, Downtown - Caltech, USC
SIM-TBASSCO (Semantic Interoperability Measures: Template-Based Assurance of Semantic Interoperability in Software Composition, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Smart Board Project, Pasadena - Caltech
Southern California Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN)
UCI Advanced Computer Architecture, Irvine
UCI Numerical Processors Laboratory, Irvine
UCI Software Architecture Research Group, Irvine
UCI Software Research Group, Irvine
UCLA Concurrent Systems Laboratory, Westwood
UCLA Parallel Computing Laboratory, Westwood
USC Advanced Automated Design Group (ADA), Downtown
USC Foundations of Computation Group, Downtown - USC
USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI), Marina del Rey - USC
USC Scalable Servers Laboratory, Downtown - USC

Artificial Intelligence/AI/Neural Systems
Caltech Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering, Pasadena
Caltech Learning Systems Group, Pasadena
DYNAMITE: DYnamic Negotiation-based Adaptive Multi-agent TEams, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
iLab, Downtown - USC
Intelligent Agents and Multiagent Systems research at USC, Downtown - USC
Intelligent Human-Machine Interface, Downtown - USC
Intelligent Systems Division, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
JPL Artificial Intelligence Group, Pasadena
Laboratory for Intelligent Signal Processing and Communications (LISPC), Irvine - UCI
Laurent Lab, Pasadena - Caltech, neural systems
UCI Machine Learning Group, Irvine
Neural Compuatation at USC, Downtown
Soar at USC, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
TEAMCORE: Rapidly Building Dynamic, Robust Teams from Distributed, Heterogeneous Agents, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
UCLA Cognitive Systems Laboratory, Westwood
USC Computational Learning and Motor Control Lab, Downtown
USC Laboratory for Neural Compuatation, Downtown

ActiveCat, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Caltech Infospheres Project, Pasadena - compositional systems
Cooperative Database Project (CoBase), Westwood - UCLA
DataCrystal Project, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
DIVA: Data IntensiVe Architecture, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
EXPECT: A Reflective Architecture for Knowledge Acquisition, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
InfoLab, Downtown - USC
Information Agents Research Group, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Knowledge-Based Multimedia Medical Distributed Database System (KMED), Westwood - UCLA
MediaDoc Project, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
UCI Database Research Lab, Irvine
UCI KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) Archive, Irvine
UCLA Data Mining Laboratory (DML), Westwood
UCLA db Group, Westwood
UC Riverside Database Lab
USC Database Lab, Downtown - USC

Embedded Systems/Reconfigurable Computing
Center for Embedded Computer Systems (CECS), Irvine - UCI
GALORE: Globally Ad-hoc Locally Regular Embedded Systems, Westwood - UCLA
MAARC: Models, Algorithms and Architectures for Reconfigurable Computing, Downtown - USC
Mojave Configurable Computing Lab, Westwood - UCLA
SCADDS: Scalable Coordination Architectures for Deeply Distributed Systems, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
UCI MorphoSys Research Group, Irvine - reconfigurable computing
UCLA Embedded & Reconfigurable Systems Lab, Westwood
UCLA Laboratory for Embedded Collaborative Systems (LECS), Westwood
UCR Dalton Project: IP-Based Embedded System Design, Riverside

Image Processing/Graphics
Behavioral Technology Laboratories, Redondo Beach - USC
Computer Graphics and Immersive Technologies (CGIT) Laboratory, Downtown - USC
Computer Graphics Research at Caltech, Pasadena
IBMR (Image Based Modeling and Rendering) Lab, Irvine - UCI
Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), Downtown - USC, immersive training systems
MAGIX: Modeling, Animation and Grafix Lab, Westwood - UCLA
Pixel Cluster, Westwood - UCLA
UCI Computer Graphics Lab, Irvine
UC Irvine Virtual Realty Lab - UCI
USC Signal and Image Processing Institute (SIPI), Downtown

Networking/Networks/Data Communications
Adaptive Web Caching, Westwood - UCLA
Address Filtering Project, Westwood - UCLA
Advanced Multicomputer Systems, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Atomic-2 Project, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Cal-(IT)2), Irvine - UCI
Center for Pervasive Communications, Irvine - UCI
Comnet: Communications and Networks Group - UC Riverside, distributed shared memory
Computer Network Research - UC Irvine
DARPA Program: Information Assurance and Survivability (AIA), Downtown - USC
Defense Acquisition Services for High performance Electronic CommeRce (DASHER), Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
DIRECT - The Distributed Real-Time Computing Technology Project, Irvine - UCI
Dream Laboratory - Distributed Real-Time Ever Available Microcomputing, Irvine - UCI
Fault-Tolerant Networking Through Intrusion Identification and Secure Compartments - UCLA, USC
Ficus File Sharing, Westwood - UCLA
Gigabits Networking Research (GIGA) Project, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
High Performance Internet Research Group, Westwood - UCLA
iMASH - Interactive Mobile Application Support for Heterogeneous Clients, Westwood - UCLA
Integrated Management of Power Aware Computing and Communications Technologies (IMPACCT), Irvine - UCI
Laboratory for Distributed Object Computing, Irvine - UCI
Lee Center for Advanced Networking, The, Pasadena - Caltech
LowLat Project, Marina del Rey - latency, USC/ISI
Marbles Project, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Mirage - UC Riverside, distributed shared memory
Mobile-Code Technologies Laboratory, Irvine - UCI
NETROL: Network Control and Optimization Laboratory, Irvine - UCI
Network Performance Group, Irvine - UCI
PANDA (Peer Agent Negotiation and Deployment of Adapters), Westwood - UCLA
Paradise - Parallel and Distributed Computing Group, Pasadena - Caltech
Roam: A Replicating System for Mobile Environments, Westwood - UCLA
SMART: Superior Multiprocessor ARchiTecture Interconnects Group, Downtown - USC
Teranode Networking Technology, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
Travler Transparent Virtual Mobile Environment, Westwood - UCLA
Truffles Secure Flexible File-Sharing Over Wide-Area Networks, Westwood - UCLA
UCI Computer Systems and Networks Group, Irvine
UCLA Internet Research Lab, Westwood
UCLA Web Information System Laboratory (WIS), Westwood
UCLA Wireless Adaptive Mobility Laboratory, Westwood
UC Riverside Networks & Communications Laboratory
USC Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Research Laboratory, Downtown
VINT: Virtual InterNetwork Testbed, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
WebScripter, Marina del Rey - USC/ISI
WINS: Wireless Integrated Network Sensors, Westwood - UCLA

Vision Systems
Center for Visual Computing - UC Riverside
Computational Vision, Pasadena - Caltech
Laboratory for Computational and Biological Vision, Downtown - USC
UC Irvine (UCI) Computer Vision Lab
UCLA Vision Lab, Westwood
Vislab: Visualization & Intelligent Systems Laboratory - UC Riverside
USC Computer Vision Group, Downtown

Association of Internet Professionals
Honor Societies
Network Professional Association
Network Professional Association
User Groups
Abacus Computer Society, East LA - Cal State L.A.
Cal State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) CSCI Club
DAMA (Data Management Association) Los Angeles, El Segundo
Federal Information Technology Council of Southern California & Arizona
IEEE Computer Socity Chapters Region 06
IEEE Orange County Chapter Computer Society, Costa Mesa
Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA) - Orange County Chapter
ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) Los Angeles Chapter
ISSA (Information Systems Security Association), Los Angeles Chapter, Granada Hills
MISAC (Municipal Information Systems Association of California), Southern Chapter
MTSAC Computer Science Club, Walnut - Mt. San Antonio College
National Technical Services Association Southern California Chapter, Newport Beach
Software Council of Southern California, Torrance
Southern California Computer Measurement Group, Pasadena
SCEDIR - Southern California EDI Roundtable
Women in Computer Science (WICS), Irvine - UCI
Trojan Web Association, Downtown - USC
UCLA Computer Science Undergraduate Association, Westwood
USC ACES - Associated Computer Engineers and Scientists, Downtown
USC Computer Science Graduate Organization (CSGO), Downtown
Women in Technology Internation (WITI) Los Angeles Chapter, Burbank

American Computer Science League (ACSL)
Troy High School ACSL, Fullerton

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Southern California Region
Cal State Dominguez Hills ACM, Carson
Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) ACM
Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) ACM
Cal State LA (CSULA) Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Cal State Northridge (CSUN) ACM
Chapman University ACM, Orange
Los Angeles ACM Chapter
Comtech, Santa Monica College's ACM Chapter
ACM of UCI, Irvine
SIGGRAPH Los Angeles Chapter, Marina del Rey

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), formerly DPMA
Association of Information Technology Professionals - Cal State Fullerton Chapter
California Southland AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals), La Mirada
Los Angeles Chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

Association of Internet Professionals (AIP)
Association of Internet Professionals - Los Angeles Chapter
Association of Internet Professionals - Orange County Chapter

Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA)

Network Professional Association

Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society (UPE)
Honor Societies in General

Upsilon Pi Epsilon - Cal State Long Beach (CSULB)
Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Westwood - UCLA
USC Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), Downtown

Internet Services
Database Applications
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