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Featured Hot Links
California Voter Foundation and the League of Women Voters California's Smart Voter are two different sites that provide extensive non-partisan guides to issues and candidates in the upcoming election. The California Voter Foundation features "Follow the Money", a breakdown campaign donor information. Smart Voter has many candidate statements, provides great coverage for local races and lets you generate a personal ballot based on your zip code.

Either this is an amazing analytical tool or the American voter is highly predictable. In any case, The Political Oddsmaker claims a 98% accuracy rate in predicting the outcome of various races in the next election. Check here first if you have an aversion in being part of the political minority.

General Information
Polling Places
Registrars of Voters
California Ballot Propositions 1944 - Present
California Secretary of State - Elections Division
Campaigns & Elections Political Oddsmaker - predicts election results
D.C.'S Politcal Report: California
Hastings Law Library California Ballot Propositions Database - 1911 to present
Los Angeles Times Politics
Politics1.com California
Project Vote Smart
Smart Voter - from League of Women Voters
USElections.com: California

Arsalyn Foundation, Glendale - youth
California Voter Foundation
Celebration USA, Villa Park - youth
League of Women Voters State & Local Leagues: California - directory
League of Women Voters of California
League of Women Voters of the Beach Cities, Manhattan Beach
League of Women Voters of the Claremont Area
League of Women Voters of East San Gabriel Valley, Covina
League of Women Voters of Glendale/Burbank
League of Women Voters of the Long Beach Area
and Long Beach Area League of Women Voters
League of Women Voters Los Angeles
League of Women Voters of Los Angeles County, an Inter-League Organization, Whittier
League of Women Voters of Orange Coast, Huntington Beach
League of Women Voters Palos Verdes Peninsula/San Pedro
League of Women Voters Pasadena Area
League of Women Voters of San Bernardino
League of Women Voters of Santa Monica
League of Women Voters Torrance
League of Women Voters of Ventura County
Metropolitan Forum Project, Downtown - promotes increased citizen involvment

County Registrars of Voters
County Combined Registrar/Recorder Offices

Orange County Registrar of Voters
Riverside County Registrar of Voters
San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters
Ventura County Clerk and Recorder Elections Division

Election Results
TV Stations

Los Angeles County's Election Results
Orange County Election Results
Riverisde County Election Results
San Bernardino County Current Elections
County of Ventura County Clerk and Recorder Election Results

Initiative Petitions
Initiative & Referendum Institute (IRI) California
Initiative Watch 2000
Legislative Analyst's Office Initiatives and Ballot Propositions

California Bear and Wilderness Protection Act

City Clerks

Anaheim Election Information
City of Beverly Hills Election Information
Corona Election Information
Hermosa Beach Elections
Huntington Beach Election Information
Inglewood Elections Information
Elections in the City of Irvine
City of Laguna Beach Election Results
City of Laguna Woods Elections
City of Lakewood Elections
Lancaster Elections Information
Lomita Election Information
Long Beach City Elections
City of Los Angeles Elections
Mission Viejo Election Information
Monrovia Elections
City of Monterey Park Election Information
Pasadena Election Information
City of Rancho Mirage Elections
City of Riverside Elections
City of Santa Ana City Elections
City of Santa Monica Election Information and Archives
and Santa Monica Vote
Temecula Voter Information
Torrance Election Information
City of Tustin Elections
West Covina Election Information

Polling Places
California Secretary of State 1998 Primary Election Find Your Polling Place
Los Angeles County Polling Place and Sample Ballot Look Up
Where do I Vote? - San Bernardino County

November 8, 2005 Special Election
Los Angeles City

Candidates for City of Los Angeles

State Assembly
Gutierrez, Oscar - 45th District
Nowatka, Paul, Torrance - 53rd District

March 8, 2005 Municipal Election
Los Angeles City
Divine, Leslie, Calabasas - city council

Candidates for City of Los Angeles
Alarcon, Richard - mayor
Hahn, Jim - mayor
Hertzberg, Bob - mayor
Parks, Bernard - mayor
Villaraigosa, Antonio (Hal Netkin's MayorNo.com) - mayor, against
and Villaraigosa, Antonio (Hal Netkin's MayorNo.com) - mayor, against

November 2, 2004 General Election
Ballot Measures / Propositions / Initiatives
City Offices
County Offices
State Assembly
State Senate
U.S. Congress
U.S. Senate

Ballot Measures/Propositions/Initiatives

Candidates for United States President
Badnarik, Michael - Libertarian
Brown, Walt and Mary-Alice Herbert - Socialist
Cobb, David and Pat LaMarche - Green
Kerry, John and John Edwards - Democratic
Nader, Ralph and Peter Camejo

Candidates for United States Senate
Boxer, Barbara - Democratic
Gray, Jim - Libertarian
Grundmann, Don J. - American Independent

Candidates for United States Congress/House of Representatives

Capps, Lois - Democratic, 23rd District
Regan, Don - Republican, 23rd District

Bechman, Stuart, Simi Valley - Green, 24th District
Gallegly, Elton, Simi Valley - Republican, 24th District
Wagner, Brett, Ventura - Democratic, 24th District

Willoughby, Fred "Tim" - Democratic, 25th district

Matthews, Cynthia, La Verne - Democratic, 26th District

Sherman, Brad, Sherman Oaks - Democratic, 27th district

Ross, Kelley, Van Nuys - Libertarian, 28th district

Koebel, Philip, Pasadena - 29th district
Schiff, Adam, Pasadena - Democratic, 29th district

Vega, Luis - Republican, 31st District

Faegre, Leland - Libertarian, 32nd District
Solis, Hilda - Democratic, 32nd District

Stek, Alice - Peace and Freedom, 36th district
Escobar, Tim, La Mirada - Republican, 39th district
Royce, Ed, Orange - Republican, 40th district
Myers, Lewis, Glendale - Demcratic, 42nd District
Calvert, Ken - Republican, 44th district
Bono, Mary, Palm Springs - Republican, 45th district

Lash, Tom, Huntington Beach - Green, 46th district
Rohrbacher, Dana, Huntington Beach - Republican, 46th district

Coronado, Dr. Alexandria, Anaheim - Republican, 47th district

Cohen, Bruce, Dana Point - Libertarian, 48th district
Cox, Christopher, Newport Beach - Republican, 48th district

Byron, Mike - Democratic, 49th District

Candidates for State Senate

McClintock, Tom - Republican, 19th District
Ogden, Dale F., San Pedro - 25th District, Libertarian
Castellanos, Cesar, Long Beach - 27th District, Republican
Dutton, Bob, Rancho Cucamonga - 31st District, Republican

Campbell, John, Costa Mesa - 35th District, Republican

Battin, Jim, Palm Desert - Republican, 37th district

Candidates for State Assembly

Runner, Sharon, Lancaster - 36th District, Republican
Prince, Adrienne, Simi Valley - 37th District, Green

Pavley, Fran, Agoura Hills - 41st District, Democratic
Peters, Heather, Santa Monica - 41st District, Republican

Aldana, Manny - 46th District, Republican
De Baets, Peter "Pedro", West LA - 47th District, Libertarian
Miller, Gladys O. - 50th District, Republican

Smith, James R., Venice - 53rd District, Peace and Freedom

Calderon, Ron, Montebello - 58th District, Democratic
Harden, Dan, La Verne - 59th District, Democratic
Huff, Bob, Diamond Bar - 60th District, Republican
Wapner, Alan, Ontario - 61st District, Republican
Benoit, John J., Riverside - 64th District, Republican
Bogh, Russ, Beaumont - 65th District, Republican

Haynes, Ray, Murrieta - 66th district, Republican
Nicholson, Laurel - 66th District, Democratic
Harman, Tom, Huntington Beach - 67th District, Republican

Snook, Al, Garden Grove - 68th District, Democratic
Tran, Van, Garden Grove - 68th District, Republican

Devore, Chuck, Lake Forest - 70th District, Republican
Spitzer, Todd, Orange - 71st District, Republican
Daucher, Lynn, Brea - 72nd district, Republican

Favor, Andy, Dana Point - 73rd District, Libertarian
Walters, Mimi, Laguna Niguel - 73rd District, Republican

Andreas, Mary Ann, Palm Springs - 80th District, Democratic
Garcia, Bonnie, Cathedral City - 80th District, Republican

March 2, 2004 Primary Election
Ballot Measures / Propositions / Initiatives
State Assembly
State Senate
U.S. Congress
U.S. Senate
dailybulletin.com Election 2004
dailynews.com Election 2004
Easy Voter Guide
FundRace 2004 - find out who contributed to the various candidates
Green Papers, The: California 2004 General Election
KQED Election 2004

Ballot Measures/Propositions/Initiatives

Candidates for United States President
Allan, Sterling D.
Ashby, Blake - Republican
Beck, Jerry - Libertarian
Bosa, Dick - Republican
Clark, Wesley - Democratic
Howard Dean
Hollywood for Howard Dean Yahoo! Group - Democratic
Los Angeles for Howard Dean - Democratic
and Los Angeles Supporters for Howard Dean Yahoo! Group - Democratic
and Northeast Los Angeles for Howard Dean Yahoo! Group - Democratic
Orange County Students for Howard Dean Yahoo! Group - Democratic
Out for Howard Dean LA - Democratic
and Out for Howard Dean LA Yahoo! Group - Democratic
Riverside/San Bernardino for Howard Dean Yahoo! Group - Democratic
San Bernardino for Howard Dean - Democratic
San Fernando Valley for Howard Dean LA Yahoo! Group - Democratic
Hamm, Vincent - Democratic
Kucinich, Dennis - Democratic
Kucinich Volunteers Los Angeles Yahoo! Group
Kucinich Volunteers in the Metro LA Area Yahoo! Group
Kucinich for President Orange County Yahoo! Group
East Valley Kucitizens Yahoo! Group - Dennis Kucinich, San Fernando Valley
South Bay 4 Kucinich 4 President Yahoo! Group
LaRouche, Lyndon - Democratic
Mesplay, Kent - Green
Moseley Braun, Carol - Democratic
Paul, Ron
Penna, Fern - Democratic
Peroutka, Michael - Constitution
Wyatt, Bill - Republican

Candidates for United States Senate

Kaloogian, Howard - Republican
Van Zandt, John M. - Republican

Candidates for United States Congress/House of Representatives
Johnson, Vicki, Claremont - Democratic, 26th District
Torchizy, Dr. Reza, Glendale - Republican, 29th district
Mathews, Peter, Long Beach - Democratic, 37th district
Dornan, Robert K. - Republican, 46th district

Candidates for State Senate
Green, Brenda Carol, South Central - 25th District, Republican

Candidates for State Assembly
Tabash, Eddie, Beverly Hills - 55th District, Democratic
Pacheco, Gayle, Walnut - 60th District, Republican
Morrell, Mike, Alta Loma - 63rd District, Republican
Leyes, Mark, Garden Grove - 68th District, Republican
Alvarez, Claudia, Santa Ana - 69th District, Democratic
Gupta, Choncol D., Irvine - 70th District, Republican

Candidates for County Superior Court Judge
Gootman, Jeffery S. - Los Angeles County, Office 29
Lopez, David - Los Angeles County, Office 53

Meyer, Judith Levey, Hollywood - Los Angeles County, Office 69

2006 Primary Election

Candidates for State Executive Office
Bukewihge, Edie - Governor, Republican
Westly, Steve - Controller, Democratic
Garamendi, John - insurance commissioner, Democratic

2008 Primary Election

Candidates for United States President
Crow, Randy - Democratic

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