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About the @LA Logo

We are very proud of our awards. @LA has been recognized time and again for its innovative approach and completeness.

@LA was created in 1995 to address what was then a gaping need ... to provide a jumping-off point for locals to find all that the 'net has to offer them.

Despite the fact that the Internet and cyberspace is geography and boundary free, people, businesses and attractions still have a physical presence. The real world won't go away ... we still gotta eat out, shop at our local stores, socialize with others in the community, see plays and concerts, get jobs and generally have a life. While the 'net provides plenty of great cyber-hangouts, regional contacts have been much harder to come by.

We've grown quite a bit from those early beginnings. Although the web is a hard thing to keep up with, we're doing our best to live up to our motto, "If it's on the web and in LA, it's in @LA".

We believe that big worldwide directories such as Yahoo, Lycos and City Net just don't have the resources, nor the local knowledge, to do the extensive job that a regional service, such as @LA, is able to do. For example, where they may provide a link to a nationwide database of hotels, we surf the site and locate the subpage that lists the Southern California hotels ... and we put all similar links in an easy to find location, not in a bunch of different categories with similar sounding names.

@LA is thoroughly cross-indexed, so if you look in the art museum category, you'll see links to other museums, art schools, art supplies. We meticulously try to separate commercial sites from general information ... you don't have to wade through listings for bike shops in order to find local trails, rides or clubs.

Other sites which provide local information deliberately limit or exclude links to other sites (e.g. LA Times, MSN). They falsely believe that they will be the single source of local information of the web. We, however, provide listings for the LA Times web pages, Yahoo and all of their competitors (as well as ours). We do this so that you will always be able to select from best of what the web has to offer, whether it comes from us or somebody else.

When you do a full-text search of @LA, you'll get back a collection of meaningful links, not a random hodgepodge, supposedly ranked by relevancy (yeah, right).

While there are sites that let you find hotels, others that let you find restaurants and yet others to locate lawyers, we believe in one-stop shopping. @LA lets you find anything about anything (as long as it relates to Southern California), so if you are planning a trip here, you can quickly find things to do, places stay and where to eat all with one visit to @LA. If you live here, we hope you'll come back again and again, to let us satisfy your information needs.

In summary, the primary goal of @LA is to do the surfing for you, so you don't have to. We hope that by using our intuitive subject organization and cross category links, you will find it easy to get to the information you need when you need it.

@LA is a directory of links to other sites on the Internet. Links are categorized into over 2,500 categories and sub-categories. Every link will send you to a site with information specific to the greater Los Angeles or Southern California area. We only link to sites that provide information about places, events, businesses, organizations and resources in, around and/or about the Southland. Currently, we do not list personal pages, information about people who live in or come from Los Angeles or any general information without any Los Angeles/Southern California connection.

Listings in @LA are free. If you run a web site, own a business or are associated with an organization with a web presence, submit it to us. We'll add it as soon as we can (local sites only, please).

If you don't currently have a web site, Technique Development, the sponsor of @LA, can set one up for you. Follow the link for more information. Currently, about 60% of our links are businesses and the rest are organizations, provide information or are public institutions.

Our Server
@LA runs on a dedicated Windows NT Pentium based server with a 10Mb/s Ethernet direct connection (7x faster than a T1) to the Internet backbone run by ISI at Marina del Rey.

The server uses Microsoft Internet Explorer with Active Server Page, FrontPage and PERL support. Backend database processing is provided by SQL Server, Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Access. The machine is running a variety of specialized servers including Cybercash Payment Processing, E-mail, Mailing Listserver and Chat.

We moved @LA to this server on June 1, 1996, our one year anniversary. Prior to that, we could found under the URL "http://emporium.turnpike.net/A/atLA", which still gets 1,000s of visitors every month (old links are link cockroaches!).

How? Just click on those underlined words and guess what? ... you go to another page. Seriously, @LA uses various symbols. There aren't that many:

is a link to the main index on the page
is a link to another related @LA page
is a link to a main category on the current page
is a link to a subcategory on the current page

indicates an Orange County link,
is a Ventura County link,
is a Riverside County link, and
is a San Bernardino County link.
All unmarked links relate to Los Angeles County or the greater Southern California area.

Navigation Tips
Most World Wide Web sites are organized with a main page linked in a hierarchy of subpages. @LA will provide a link to the main page of a site if the overall site has a direct relation to the greater Los Angeles community. In many cases, however, @LA will provide a link to one or more individual pages at a site, but not the main page -- only those relating to the LA area.

Most of the time, the authors of each site provide links on their own pages to allow you to return to their main page. If not, and you want more information about the site, try this technique: delete portions at the end of the URL of the page that you are linked to. Usually you will be able to move up the hierarchy of pages and eventually call up the main page.

In order to be listed in @LA, a company, service or organization must relate in some way to the greater Los Angeles area.

@LA's geographical coverage is fairly broad. We concentrate on the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, which includes the San Fernando, San Gabriel, Santa Clarita and Moreno Valleys, Orange, the western parts of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, parts of the high desert (Antelope Valley, Palm Springs area), Ventura County (Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Oxnard), and the Grapevine area of I-5 (Sorry Santa Barbara, San Diego, Barstow and Bakersfield, for not making the cut).

Currently, about 25% of our listings come from outside Los Angeles County.

Technique Development supplies the resources and manpower that keeps @LA going strong. Technique Development also is a provider of Internet services to businesses (i.e. marketing on the Internet, setting up Internet links), develops database applications, offers database and Internet training and provides shareware.

The webmaster of @LA is Paul Klose, a native-born Angeleno and President of Technique Development. He knows this community like the back of his mouse.

24 hours a day ... (gee, this who, what, when, where format is kind of restrictive!)

About the @LA Logo
The @LA logo was designed in such a way that it could be rendered in a variety of colors, patterns and designs (ala MTV's). In its present incarnation, the orange @ stands for the L.A. Sun; the blue represents the ocean; the green is for the extensive trees and greenery found throughout the city and sometimes overlooked by visitors and locals alike. For a different take on the concepts behind our logo, take a look at @USA.

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