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We've heard from many of you who've let us know what you think of our service and how @LA has helped you. We appreciate the feedback. It's nice to hear that our hard work is appreciated. We'd like to share with you some of the things people have told us about @LA.
Your site is magic ... of all the sites I looked at yours was easy to comprehend the setup and magically easy to use. Additionally, I found that I could print what was on the screen something that I have found difficult at most sites. THANKS FOR A GREAT SITE. Your effort and work is appreciated by many I'm sure. Have a great day. Ain't life GRAND!
Barry V. Meyers

YOU GUYS DO A GREAT JOB! I really appreciate this web page. Keep up the good work!
Rod C. Roberts, International Network Services

Fantastic site. What else could I ask for. Living in LA this page is an invaluable resource. Kudos!
Michael P., Graduate Student at USC

Four Stars. I am truly impressed by the quality of @LA! Not only is it a very well organized and useful site but efficient and clean in its layout. It's easy and fast to navigate through @LA and I have used it often.
Ted Oatway

@LA is a wonderful site... thanks for putting it up. Shawn, Sabre Entertainment

Great job! I was able to quickly and easily find exactly the information I was looking for. Wonderful! Excellent! Thank you.
Annette Hollomon

Thanks for your great site! ... we really enjoy looking for local attractions.
Greg O., Epage

While I am impressed by the completeness of your LA offering, I am more impressed by your openness and willingness to work with other sites in the area ... you have listed several of our sites and we, in return, have listed you on each. This is the spirit of copoeration needed for the WWW to be of tremendous benefit to visitors and residents alike.
Tom Spiglanin, South Bay Community Pages

Overall, I think your page is terrific!...Keep up the good work!
Andrew Johnson, Johnson Commercial Brokerage

Thanks again for your service. We have a link back to @LA in our page because we feel that your directory is an invaluable resource to others in our city.
Steve Tamura, L.A. County Municipal Courts

First I would like to say congratulations on a very in-depth and comprehensive site such as @LA. In running around the Net I stumbled across your site and had to do a double take on it. Very well put together site.
Frank Reta, ASUCLA

I came across @LA after seeing the ad "ONSITE" in the latest issue of the L.A. Weekly. I run a fast modem, but have never had a site display so quickly as yours did. And whoever came up with all the great links deserves a bonus for their research. I like @LA so much, that I've made it my default page when I load Netscape. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Val Lasky

We really enjoy your pages and think they're a great reference for the sprawl.
Alison Johns, ArtDirect

You're offering a very useful service. I'm glad you're there. This is a great site! I've been looking for a list of private schools for children and teens. You've got the best I've found so far. Congratulations on a wonderful site!
Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C., Self Help & Psychology Magazine

A quick note to say what a great job you've done with the @LA site. It has to be one of the most comprehensive listings of LA resources on the Web. We have a large number of tourists (and local residents) visit our site, and it was only appropriate to have a link to your pages. We've even had visitors 'thank' us for making them aware of your pages! I always enjoy visiting your pages.
Rick Gutlon, Air Cruise America

Excellent site, wish there were more like it. Well Done!!!! I actually found your page most useful whilst searching to see what my new LA internet friends lives are like. So once again, well done!!
Alison Sanguy, Great Britain

Thanks for your mine of information on LA and environs.
Audrey Kopp

Please keep up the great idea and good work. This site certainly represents a service to me, and quite likely to many other folks as well.
Elliot P.

... while looking at resources online, @LA is the absolute best site I've seen for providing the info and the quality. Nice job, I consider it a benchmark to hit this level of organization and quality.
Doug McClure, Evol Design

I think that the page is a great resource.
Jeffrey L. Balash, Comstock Partners

I applaud the @LA concept and your implementation -- keep up the good work! Your rapid reply clearly sets your operation apart from the crowd -- thanks for your responsiveness. Thanks again for a quality job and a service to the community.
Jim Moore

This is one of the most useful sites on the net for people in L.A. and elsewhere ... you have one great site. Thanks and keep up the good work! Every city should be this lucky. But, then again, L.A. has always been special.
Lawrence S. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law

Lovely lovely logo, tasteful buttons, excellent links. You guys are pretty definitive on LA. You are pretty comprehensive and I love it.
Diane Funada, City of Los Angeles

I really like your site. As you may have noticed, I have a link to @LA from my site. Keep up the great work.
Joseph Carmel, B'nai B'rith Youth Organization Alumni

Great Service for the greater L.A. area - keep up the good work.
Michael D. Myers, M.D.

Good Work on @LA. I enjoyed my visit to @LA and put it in my book mark file. I plan to visit it again.
Mike Vernon, Home Services Alliance

I am really impressed with the amount of information that you have made accessable. I had not realized how extensive the system was. Congratulations. I will be using and recommending it.
Harold Klein

I just returned from a trip to LA. The web site helped a great deal in planning the trip. thanks.
Emilio B. Ramirez

Thank you for a most informative site - I have bookmarked it and I am sorry I did not run across this years ago!!!

I like what you've done here!
Robert Jones, ISD, City of Los Angeles

I think it is a great site. I am moving to LA from the East Coast and I have found much useful information here.
Michael Chan

What a great site. Thank You.
Valley Tile

I'd like to congratulate you for the very useful site you've put up.
Ken Wiederhorn, Los Angeles Webstation

great site, very comprehensive!
Wil ?

Congratulations on @LA, you've assembled a wonderful listing of regional resources.
James Bower, Project Manager, Getty Art History Program

@LA is great ... Keep up the good work!
Jay Gehringer

... great page. I love your @LA logo. Very hot! BRAVO to your organizers!
Lori Thomas, Golden West College

Your site is great.
Jennifer Selling, Embassy Suites

Great to see this new resource guide.
Dan Gutierrez, Amulet Consulting

Great site !!! Data base works great. Thanks !!
J. R. Morgan

@LA is looking good.
Bruce Hamilton

your site looks good...keep up the good work.
Mike, AltoNet

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