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@LA's New Look!
In June, 1997 (shortly after our 2nd anniversery), we uploaded our new site design. Several months in the making, the intent of the new design is make using @LA even easier to use than before.

The old design was functional, but staid by current web design standards. We had been reluctant to abandon the former no-frills design, since it allowed users to rapidly download our pages and was easily readable by those without graphical browsers. Over the years, computer power has increased and text browser usage has signficantly declined.

We hope you find the new site pleasing and easy to use. Over the next few months, we'll be tweaking the design here and there, so feel free to let us know if you have any ideas for improvements.

@LA Events Calendar Online
We are excited to premiere our new Events Calendar This database allows you to quickly find upcoming activities and events. If you are responsible for an event, please take the time to add them to our database. The Events Calendar is the first in our expanded line of services that we will be unveiling during 1997.

@LA is Looking for Sponsors
Technique Development has worked hard to continue to make @LA the useful service that it is. We are determined to maintain the quality of our site and to keep this service free for users and also for businesses who want to be listed. Consequently, Technique Development is looking for sponsors interested in putting a banner on one or more of our many pages. If you are interested, read the information about becoming a sponsor of @LA.

Searching Capabilities
Check out our full text search engine which lets you find information by name, category, city and description. Additional searching capabilities will be added in the near future.

Try our Lodging Database search This provides full searches of nearly 3,000 local hotels, motels, inns, beds & breakfasts, resorts and youth hostels, including properties without a web site. Links to those with a web site (over 800) are also provided.

We also have a similar Try our Auto Dealer Database search that lists over 1,000 local auto dealers and lets you locate them by make, city/region or name.

If you own or manage a hotel, please contact Technique Development to add your property to the directory for free or to get more information about how inexpensive it is to add a web page or be part of our enhanced database. The lodging search page gives a preview of coming attractions as the first of several business directories that we will put online.

California SuperLotto Page
@LA's California SuperLotto Page provides the most recent winning number, a page listing the results for the previous 8 weeks, and the results of any SuperLotto draw since it began in 1986! We also let you query our historical database to find out things like how many times your favorite number has won or whether a specific combination of numbers has ever come up. Plus we've got a QuikPik Plus number selector and several other number generators. Check it out.

@LA provides a Missing Children Page
Would you please take a few minutes to look at the Missing Children Page? There is a small, but significant chance that you may be able to help out. We provide thumbnail pictures of every child reported missing in the Los Angeles area (the graphic file is only 50K). The information is provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Please let us know if @LA helped in any way to locate one of these children.

Planning a Trip Someplace in the US?
If you need information about another city and you've become accustomed to the great information provided by @LA, then maybe you should check out our new page - @USA: A Directory of City Directories. We have collected a list of over 150 city guides to over 50 of America's largest cities. In the near future, we'll augment @USA by giving you more detailed information about each of the directories, to help you decide which one(s) are most likely to provide you the links you need.

What's Planned
We have lots of great plans for @LA. Right now, @LA is just a directory of links (and what a directory it is!), but we plan to provide many more features in the coming months.

In the near future we will increase our searching capabilities to help you to better find what you're looking for. Our Lodging Database and Auto Dealer Database is an example of several special databases that you'll be able to search through.

We will also be offering new capabilities that will allow you to personally interact with other people in our community. Please keep checking @LA every so often and see what we're up to. You might be surprised at what you find.

On a Somber Note
In early August 1995, another web site copied substantial portions of @LA in an attempt to duplicate the success and popularity of this site. The owners of the site were promptly notified and fortunately, no legal action had to be taken.

While we believe such acts to be untasteful, we anticipated that this might occur. In response, @LA is dedicated to make sure that our directory is the most complete and most up to date guide to the Los Angeles area. We are committed to do whatever it takes to add the substantial numbers of new entries in order to remain the most current. We will always be working on new ways of organizing the information to make it even easier to find what is useful to you.

We ask you to continue to support @LA and make it your primary resource to Los Angeles (and Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino County) based Internet resources. Please add @LA to your bookmark file and if you have site based in the Los Angeles area, be sure to let us know so that we can add a link for free.

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