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A basic listing includes your site name and city listed in a single category. The listing has no description, however we may include one at our own discretion. We have certain guidelines for site submissions. Please read all of this information on this page before you submit a site to @LA.

Enhanced Listings
If you need a custom description and keyword selection,
Enhanced Listing, which also provides you with a more prominent display in @LA. Enhanced listings are available for a nominal charge or can be free if you provide a link to @LA on your site.

All submissions require an Internet presence
We only list businesses and organizations that have a web site. Also permitted are gopher, telnet and FTP sites, as well as newsgroups, listservs, chat rooms and audio/video sessions (e.g. RealAudio). If you don't currently have a web site,
Technique Development can create one for you for a very reasonable price and maximize your local exposure in the @LA directory.

All submissions must be related to Greater Los Angeles
To qualify for a listing in @LA, your company, service or information provided must be directly related to the greater Los Angeles area -- including the neighboring counties of Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside and all outlying areas, such as the San Fernando, San Gabriel, Pomona, Santa Clarita, Conejo, Antelope, Moreno, Apple, Victor and Coachella Valleys as well as the Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead and Palm Springs resort areas. We do not cover all of Southern California (San Diego, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield and Barstow are not included).

For businesses, this means that you must have a physical storefront or office located in the area. In order to ensure that @LA remains a community-based regional service, we are very strict about this requirement and will reject all submissions that do not meet it.

Even if your site is local, your page still might not be eligible for a listing.
There are several categories of sites that we currently do not list, including:

  • Personal or family home pages.
  • Classroom or student pages.
  • Individual Resumes.
  • Pages dedicated to celebrities or popular figures (sports, entertainment, etc.), unless the page is for a locally based fan club.
  • Local bands, actors or performers and their fan pages, unless they are available for hire to parties and events and this purpose is made clear on the page.
  • Pages that lack a bare minimum of content.
  • Pages that are basic listings in a directory containing several such pages.
  • Directories of other sites with a national or international scope, unless there is a geographical breakdown or search capability.
  • Sites that rely on other sites for their content, unless it is clear that the purpose of the site is as a directory.
  • Pages for individual products or services offered by the same company, unless they are in significantly different categories.
  • Web site designers and hosting services, although we do list ISPs, graphic designers and advertising agencies, many of which provide such services.
  • Adult sites, unless a local presence is integral to the business represented by the page.
  • Online shopping sites, unless it is clearly evident that the business is local.
  • Cybermalls, unless it is clearly evident that the businesses listed in the mall are local.
  • Affiliate program links or storefronts that are collections of affiliate program links.
  • Computer consulting services, although we do list software and training companies.
  • Multi-level marketing pages, unless the page is for a corporate or regional headquarters.
  • Hate Groups.
  • Multiple domains or URLs that reference the same page. We will only link to the page using one of the URLs.

    These cuts were made in order to better be able to focus our efforts on maintaining the core categories that are of primary interest to most of our users.

    It's not necessary to search @LA before you submit a site
    When you submit your form, your submission(s) will automatically be compared to our database to see if your page is already in @LA. You'll get a message telling you if your site is in @LA, as well as the page it is on and a link to the listing.

    Multiple pages at the same site ARE allowed
    You may submit multiple pages located at the same site provided that each page has a unique URL and the subject matter of the pages place them in different categories. For example, in the case of a law firm that deals with real estate investments, there can be two listings in @LA (one under law and one under real estate) as long as there is a page devoted specifically to real estate investments.

    Due to the workload of @LA's webmaster, we cannot guarantee how long it will take for your submission to be reviewed or that we will be able to notify you whether it was approved or not. Also, @LA reserves the right to accept or reject any site for any reason, except as prohibited by law.

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